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How To Place A Cosmic Order With The Universe

Here is a very powerful way to attract your desires. It is through something called cosmic ordering. Cosmic ordering is quite easy if you know the basics. After all, such a thing already feels natural to most people. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, it won’t take long before you find that connection with the universe again.

So how do you place a cosmic order? There are actually a number of ways for you to get your desires and message across the universe.

1) Know What You Want

The first thing you must tackle is the core of cosmic ordering. What is it that you want? You can’t give the universe (or yourself for that matter) a half-baked decision. Do you want a corporate job, or do you want to become an artist? Do you want to become busier, or do you want to have some peace and quiet?

A lot of people actually don’t know what they want. When confronted with two (or more choices), what you choose? It is only after you finally decide what it is that you truly desire that the process begins.

2) Keep It Positive

If you want to succeed in placing your cosmic order, you must remember to keep everything positive.

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts like doubt or uncertainty. Instead, stick to positive and cheerful thoughts about your desires. Think of how excited you are now and how much more excited you’ll be when your goal comes true.

Think of the feeling you will get when you finally receive what you’ve been asking the universe for. It’s a bit of a leap for most people, especially for those who are afraid that they’re merely setting themselves up for a disappointment.

However, that is the way the process works. Until you yourself believe that it’s going to happen, the universe doesn’t have a choice but to feed on your growing anxiety and negativity.

3) Be Thankful

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget when it comes to cosmic ordering, it is to say thanks. You must never forget to thank the universe for granting you your desires. Even though you’re not exactly expecting a reply back, the feeling of thankfulness encourages your spiritual competence.

Learning how to do cosmic ordering is possible for anybody who has the desire to make his or her dreams come true.

All you have to do it believe in yourself and the process.

If you would like to try some cosmic ordering, visit The Cosmic Catalogue. It’s like a cross between Amazon and the Law of Attraction. It’s fun and it’s totally free.


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