4 Mantras for EXTREMELY Magnetic Energy (SAY THIS EVERY DAY)

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This video, I’m gonna show you four simple mantras that you can use whenever you want to have completely irresistible magnetic energy.

This will change the way you not only view yourself, but it’ll change the way that people respond to you because literally your energy field will be changing.

Now, the first thing to understand about this and I’m gonna share with you this story because I used this just in the last couple days and it completely transformed the way that I interacted with somebody else and I believe it’s because the energy changed.

Now, I’ve been saying this a lot of my videos and that’s because it’s true, you get in life a reflection of who you are being.

What you want, you say you lack, so if you want someone to notice you, if you want someone else’s validation or approval, then that means that you’re not actually getting it
’cause if you want it, you lack it and when you are being the irresistible version of you, not because you’re trying to get out of somebody else’s validation or approval, but you’re being it because it’s who you are, that changes a lot about the energy.

Now, something that I’ve shared before even like a year or two ago were these four simple mantras and it had to do with what is called cleaning.

Cleaning your own energy field and the way this works is it works under the notion that we live in a form of holographic reality where we are all the one and we’re also all having our own individual expressions, but that what we experience is a reflection of the energy we’re putting out, which is very similar to you get in life reflection of who you are being, and in a way, everybody in our lives is responding to us based on the energy we are emitting.

So if we have within us beliefs that say that people don’t notice me or I’m unlovable or I’m not worthy, reality, because it’s a holographic style, hologram type reality where everything’s reflecting, what we’ll find is that people will reflect back to those deeper subconscious beliefs and until we become aware of those beliefs, those will be on autopilot.

So when it comes to this, understand and think of it like this energy field right here. Now, we all have an electromagnetic energy that emits far beyond our body and what the HeartMath Institute has shown is that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands of times more powerful than of the head.

Now, this is why I think it’s very important for people to be following their passion. When they’re following their passion, they’re in their hearts.

That has a greater electromagnetic energy that goes around the body, which means you then perceive of more probability and synchronicities that are in alignment with that heart energy.

Now, sometimes what can happen though is we have things that happen in our past and what happens is we have certain beliefs and certain stories that then stay within our energy field.

Now, for example, one of these that I’ve shared in many of my videos, but just as an example is for a long time I had this belief that I had to fight for my freedom because from seven to 15 I had the ex-stepmom situation and because I had to fight for my freedom, I also had the subconscious belief that women tried to control me.

So I had to fight for my freedom. So I’d attract ex-girlfriends that were very jealous, I would attract managers at jobs that I had that were very controlling because it was replaying the same belief that I had of what I believe I deserved and what I believe also in a certain way felt familiar.

So that energy, I could say, on the outside, this is what is happening, but really what was happening on the inside, there was unhealed versions and parts of myself that was causing the outer projection to then vibrate with those probabilities and synchronicities because that felt safe and familiar, it was really within me.

Now, the four simple statements I’m gonna share with you that will make you irresistible and magnetic is four simple statements and I have a video that goes along with this as well that you can listen to whenever you want to really wire this in.

But it’s four simple statements that will completely change your life and those are, “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” “I love you.”

“I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” “I love you.” It’s called Ho’oponopono and this is an ancient Hawaiian technique of these four simple statements where-

There’s a story about it, but in long story short, there was a doctor that was inside that of Hawaii Hospital and it was like a mental hospital and there were a lot of people there that were considered crazy and there were like altercations every day with these people, of fights and different things going on and then this doctor.

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