Abraham NOW excerpt from November 28, 2020

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Abraham NOW excerpt from November 28, 2020

You can always return to your own personal place of clarity.
Knowing you have a guidance system puts you on the leading-edge of creating.
You know what to do about it when you don’t feel good.
You are showing yourself every day that your desire is expanding and your capacity for feeling good is expanding as well.

There is a lot going on in this world of such high interconnectivity.
You chose it.
You knew it would be like this.
It’s not gone wrong. It’s going right.
The most important factor is that you let yourself be YOU.

There is great love here for you.

‘Faith It’ Because Faith Works

It often surprises me the multiplicity of this faith we Christians profess. But it is typical that we do not draw on the full powers that are given to us, because we err on the side of the world’s power.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, I’ve Come to Talk With You Again

Empathy in the individual is a massively important quality. Though it is a felt kind of trait, not strictly related with intelligence quotient, I think it is a cornerstone in the development of intelligence. Here’s why. When we have the capacity of feeling for others, we truly connect with our world and the fiasco of self is ended. At least that is the theory!

Our Admission of Our Darkness and the Addition of God’s Light

In the simplest terms, if we don’t have the courage of humility to consider truthfully the darkness that resides within each of us, we have no hope of truly knowing God. If there is no darkness within, there is no need of repentance. Only those who need God, get God.

The Character Victory in Losing Well

I do not lose well. Let me just say that upfront. Anyone who knows me might know that about me. That is why I feel qualified to write on this topic, because I need it as much as anyone.

The Spiritual Gift of Grace in Silence

Just as we cannot suppose that achieving spiritual perfection is possible, like all spiritual things these must be tried on, for spirituality is experience. It isn’t a craft to be mastered but practiced.

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