Stories of Transformation – Suzanne

Suzanne, a massage therapist, shared Dr Joe’s Blessing of the Energy Centers meditation with a client who had just been diagnosed with cancer (metastasized melanoma throughout his body). She integrated the meditation into her treatments, and he eventually was also practicing the meditation at home several days a week. His medical team also administered 4 treatments of immunotherapy medication. Suzanne shared his most recent PET scan from April 2021….wow!

Recorded at the Orlando Advanced Week Long Retreat in April 2021.

Why Conspiracy Theorists Have Half A Brain

Each week I hear of a new conspiracy theory gaining traction on social media. And each time it baffles me how stupid many of these people can be. Many of these conspiracy theorists have good intentions, but that does not excuse them from the charge of perpetuating lies.

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire

I know it may seem crazy that you have the power to manifest anything you want. But to be honest, it is a fundamental principle of the universe. Creation is abundance, meaning it’s complete. You cannot add to it and you cannot subtract from it. Therefore, it is all that is and ever will be. You as the co-creator of all that is only have to ask for that which you desire to appear.

Sometimes, I Blush

Sometimes, I can’t believe the words that tumble out of my mouth. It happens occasionally when I connect with a spirit that’s come for one of my clients – a few naughty phrases that slip out in the privacy of a one-on-one reading.

Making God Your Business Partner – An Excellent Idea

Who is your business partner? Who you partner with determines greatly the outcome of the business. Many people have one or more business partners, excluding God. Unfortunately doing business without God limits the business in all areas. This article encourages you to have God as your main business partner.

Engaging God’s Speed Against Human And Devil’s Speed

Whose speed are you engaging to get to your desired position? Everyone desires to get to their topmost top as fast as possible, but the means of getting there which you employ determines whether you will ever get there, the state in which you do and how long you can sustain the position. This article encourages you to go by God’s speed.

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