Transcending Suffering: A Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart discusses presence as a state of consciousness that transcends thinking, the true meaning of “no-self,” and the true cause of suffering.

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Dealing With Stress God’s Way

Why do we as Christian people (and this article is aimed at Christians in the main) often experience stress, depression and many other of the ills of modern society? Why do some Christians still struggle with addictions? Why do we sometimes get strife with our partners, colleaugues and spouses?

What Is Christian Leadership?

Christian leadership is an irony. It’s about the glory of God through others, for others, by others, in order that others might see and partake of the Kingdom of God. Christian leadership is not about the leader at all.

Who We Are When Nobody’s Looking

Imagine the credibility us Christians would have if we only obeyed our Lord Jesus more. Doing good deeds in secret, behaving ‘Christian’ when nobody is looking, and laying down our lives for others: these are worthy of Christ.

Freedom of Religion? Freedom of Choice?

The term “freedom of religion” (or “freedom of belief,” as Wikipedia puts it) is a principle that supports the right of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religious beliefs through teaching practices, worship and observances. We also have the freedom to leave or discontinue membership in a religion or religious group if we so choose. I’m blessed to live in the United States, where we’re protected by laws that allow us to exercise our own faith as we see fit; where freedom of religion is commingled with and inseparable from freedom of speech.

Why Don’t I Have Faith?

For as long as I can remember, I had doubts about the faith I was born into. Then, as I grew older and became familiar with the world’s other major religions, I came to question the need for faith in any religious movement at all. You see, I have a personal problem.

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